Project Management

Project Management

Project Management at Marsh & Riddell is a bespoke service developed to suit the particular needs of the client and the project.

We like to be seen as an extension of the Client body, gaining a full understanding of its needs and objectives so that we can be the Client’s representative in all building related matters,
thereby leaving the Client to concentrate on their own business. 

The key to achieving a successful outcome on any project is to use a Project Manager with the necessary personal and technical skills, expertise and experience within a management framework which encompasses the rules and procedures to be followed by the whole project team, providing control throughout all stages of the project.

Marsh and Riddell offer a full range of Project Management services, which includes:

  • Advising on and managing the procurement of Project Consultants
  • Producing and monitoring project programmes
  • Liaising with the Client
  • Manging time, budget and quality control on projects
  • Monitoring Site Progress